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Originally written for mezzo soprano, mixed choir and orchestra, the Misa was re-arranged into a unique chamber version featuring four solo singers and tango quintet. In 2013, faux pas also adapted Palmeri's new work "Magnificat". The quintet version was premiered in Warendorf and later performed in Buenos Aires as well.

"I was deeply moved when receiving this new version of the Misa a Buenos Aires. Many times my friends and colleagues have asked me whether it's possible to make a version for solo singers of my work. Now there is nothing more to speculate about – with this new CD we can confirm that it definitely is!"
(Martín Palmeri)

(Martín Palmeri) (Martín Palmeri)
Tango Nuevo and Tango Argentino focus on
Tango Argentino
Misa a Buenos Aires Misa a Buenos Aires ca. 40 min

Magnificat ca. 50 min.
ca. 90 min. 90 – 180 min. ca. 40 min.
Gloria ca. 25 min.
tango sextet tango sextet four solo singers and instrumental tango quintet
The tango mass can be combined with pieces from faux pas' regular concert repertoire.
tango quintet as accompaniment for choirs
If required, we can provide contact with a soprano and mezzo soprano soloist. Misa, Magnificat and Glora can be combined with pieces from faux pas' regular concert repertoire or additional works for choir and tango quintet. We can also help you with musical arrangements.

special formats

The concert and tango mass programmes can be booked with a DANCE PERFORMANCE (tango couple or modern dance soloist). Literature and tango music: Our music can be combined with either reading performances of tango lyrics or literary texts. Projects so far include “Oscar and the Lady in Pink” by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt; “Nurejews Hund oder Was Sehnsucht vermag” (video) by Elke Heidenreich. We'll enjoy working together to realize YOUR OWN IDEAS!

Detailed information about our programmes and the respective technical requirements can also downloaded from Organizers.